Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just add water

It works for seeds, it works for humans. It's good before runs, it's good after. Can be applied topically or internally.

Topically it helps us not stink. Internally it helps us not be thirsty. Beer helps with that too, but it's because beer also has water.

Lately I've been having trouble figuring out how to get enough water in me. I'm a water guzzler. I don't take lady-like sips but tend to chug it loudly, entire glasses at a time. I love cold water, but can't drink ice water - it tends to end up on my shirt.

If there's water handy, I'll drink it, but if it's not right there, I can forget to get myself any until the sides of my throat are glued together and my skin feels like it's made of paper. One liter bottles are my favorite, but disposable plastic ones make me feel guilty and stainless steel ones make my back hurt. Will have to figure something out.

I've been blogging less and running more, but I think if I add water I'll be able to do both.