Friday, April 30, 2010

Exclusive Interview

As part of the upcoming New York Ragnar Relay, Woodstock has decided to undergo a dangerous maxillofacial cosmetic procedure and has granted MUY MAJO an exclusive interview.

MM:Woodstock, welcome to the blog. Why do want this surgery?
W: Thank you, Majo for having me here and giving me an opportunity to talk openly about this. All my life I've been self-conscious about my smile. Always tight-lipped and seemingly chirpy, hiding behind a closed mouth smile, unable to express my feelings in a deeper more meaningful way. I believe cosmetic surgery will give me the confidence I crave and help me relate to others.

MM: I understand it is a painful surgery and not without risks.
W: That's true. Plush isn't safe when there's a sharpie around and the use of needle and thread involves a risk of potentially life crippling stuffing leakage. But I'll be in the hands of the top surgeon in the field.

MM: Why have this surgery now?
W: I'm ready to lead a fuller life. I heard Your Girlfriend was going to be at the New York Ragnar Relay and I'm Woodstalking her.

MM: Beg your pardon?
W: I want to join the team I'm Woodstalking Your Girlfriend as they run 185 miles from Woodstock (the town) to the Bronx and my chances of being allowed in the team will be higher once I have this procedure done.

MM: Peer pressure?
W: No. But I will be a stronger asset to the team if I can cheer them on fully with a bright smile.

MM: Thank you for sharing that with us, Woodstock. On behalf of my readers, I'd like to wish you a speedy recovery from surgery.
W: Thank you, Majo

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