Friday, April 30, 2010

Exclusive Interview

As part of the upcoming New York Ragnar Relay, Woodstock has decided to undergo a dangerous maxillofacial cosmetic procedure and has granted MUY MAJO an exclusive interview.

MM:Woodstock, welcome to the blog. Why do want this surgery?
W: Thank you, Majo for having me here and giving me an opportunity to talk openly about this. All my life I've been self-conscious about my smile. Always tight-lipped and seemingly chirpy, hiding behind a closed mouth smile, unable to express my feelings in a deeper more meaningful way. I believe cosmetic surgery will give me the confidence I crave and help me relate to others.

MM: I understand it is a painful surgery and not without risks.
W: That's true. Plush isn't safe when there's a sharpie around and the use of needle and thread involves a risk of potentially life crippling stuffing leakage. But I'll be in the hands of the top surgeon in the field.

MM: Why have this surgery now?
W: I'm ready to lead a fuller life. I heard Your Girlfriend was going to be at the New York Ragnar Relay and I'm Woodstalking her.

MM: Beg your pardon?
W: I want to join the team I'm Woodstalking Your Girlfriend as they run 185 miles from Woodstock (the town) to the Bronx and my chances of being allowed in the team will be higher once I have this procedure done.

MM: Peer pressure?
W: No. But I will be a stronger asset to the team if I can cheer them on fully with a bright smile.

MM: Thank you for sharing that with us, Woodstock. On behalf of my readers, I'd like to wish you a speedy recovery from surgery.
W: Thank you, Majo

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April showers

There are things I do that help me get out the door - that's the hardest part. To run you need to keep going, but you can't do that if you don't start.

Early morning runs leave me floating in a cream puff feeling that misbehaving printers and cranky clients can't touch. Off-leash dogs in the park and the mist rising over the lake make my heart bubble over in unlimited mimosa brunch happiness. Is there anything better than a sunrise?

My pillow.

Sometimes when the alarm goes off at five, the pillow does seem better. Leaving my clothes ready helps, specially if I left myself a treat: my favorite Adidas socks, or my favorite Run as One top. I have many favorites and I make sure I only wear one at a time for training runs so I can always have one available for bargaining with myself.

Ir was past one when I went to bed last night and though I had decided to wear my new marathon cap (waterproof!), I didn't leave everything ready.

After banging the snooze button three times, I decided I was too tired to head out on only four hours of sleep and that it was better to run after work. Yeah. Like I'll be less tired then.

Maybe not, but it might not be raining.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Spinach Soup. Vegan. Raw. That was lunch yesterday.

I mean to eat more - lamb, rice, mushrooms, maybe even some salad if I was feeling enterprising - but by the time I was done with the soup I did not feel like eating anything else.

Eating is a sensory experience and for me it's also an emotional one. What I eat changes how I feel and how I feel changes what I eat. What I do also changes it and when I'm very active I tend to crave healthier food.

This spinach soup is Jessica Hulett's recipe. She co-hosted and catered a Spring Detox event last Saturday with an all vegan menu. Though I was skeptical about how much I would like it, when it was time to eat I found myself going for seconds. The food itself was not only delicious but soothing and calming.

I'm not interested in becoming vegan or even vegetarian. It's not just the bacon, though I would never give it up, but I'm not going to avoid delicious food just because it's vegan.

I could not have the soup Jess served on Saturday because it had cayenne pepper (I'm allergic), but everyone's eyeballs were rolling to the backs of their heads and a friend who went with me dutifully obliged and had my share of soup - twice.

After the event, I went to the co-op for the main ingredients: spinach and avocado and I made it for lunch yesterday. I served myself a small cup and sipped. It was rich, smooth, flavorful, and surprisingly satisfying. If this is what vegan tastes like, I think there's room for it in my diet.

Particularly if it helps me run.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


You're right. That was rude of me. It's just that things between us are still so uncertain that...

No! That's not what I meant! I meant new. We're still getting used to each other. It seemed abrupt to introduce you like that - it would've been awkward. But you're right, it's worse to just have you there, assuming everyone knows who you are.

I thought having you next to Pink yesterday would be enough since Pink is a regular and has often modeled for me, but that was just a cop out.

Green, I'm very happy to have you in my life. You're refreshingly springy and I appreciate your enthusiasm for early morning runs. I know you used to spend a lot of time in a box and that being with me has been adjustment, but I want you to know I'm excited you're here to run with me.

Apologies for getting you soaked and muddy last Wednesday night, I hope you enjoyed your beauty rest on Thursday morning while I went out with Pink.

I hope you're as excited as I am about Ragnar and training for the marathon.

Oh, and that trip to DSW on Thursday night, that has nothing to do with my feelings for you. You understand that, right?

Friday, April 23, 2010

April is the runniest month

April 7th was the lottery for NYC Marathon spots. Though I had my 9+1 guaranteed entry spot, it was fun to follow it and see if any of my friends made it. There was a live webcast of part of the draw, and though NYRR did not realize there would be thousands of people from all over the world and Mary Wittenberg sounded like a sleepy walrus for the first five minutes of it, I still got sympathetic goosebumps for all those who were just finding out they got in.

It was all over by 1pm. Results were posted and those who gained entry got their congratulatory email. Those who didn't, like Ms. Lizz, got to thank NYRR for being "extra generous with that salt shaker" by being told three times that they didn't get a spot. Sorry, Lizz.

April 7th is seven months out. Most marathon training programs for beginners are 5-6 months long, but these programs don't start from the couch. They assume you've been running regularly 3-4 times a week and can do 5M in one go.

The 5M is not a problem, but I've never managed to keep a steady running program so it was time to get my ass off the couch and get myself used to running every other day or so. No excuses and no counting bike rides or broomball games as runs as I did when I was getting ready for the Brooklyn half-marathon last year.

So, instead of waking up early putting one word in front of the other, I've been dragging myself out the door and placing foot in front foot until I could call it running. I'm averaging 15M a week which would have seemed impossible two years ago, but now is not nearly enough.

It's time to increase mileage and do it in a hurry because I'm part of a team that on May 14-15 will be running 184.8 Miles from Woodstock to New York.

And yes. I'm aware that this is not the most efficient way to travel back from Woodstock, but is there anything better than to run with a team called "I'm Woodstalking you Girlfriend"?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just add water

It works for seeds, it works for humans. It's good before runs, it's good after. Can be applied topically or internally.

Topically it helps us not stink. Internally it helps us not be thirsty. Beer helps with that too, but it's because beer also has water.

Lately I've been having trouble figuring out how to get enough water in me. I'm a water guzzler. I don't take lady-like sips but tend to chug it loudly, entire glasses at a time. I love cold water, but can't drink ice water - it tends to end up on my shirt.

If there's water handy, I'll drink it, but if it's not right there, I can forget to get myself any until the sides of my throat are glued together and my skin feels like it's made of paper. One liter bottles are my favorite, but disposable plastic ones make me feel guilty and stainless steel ones make my back hurt. Will have to figure something out.

I've been blogging less and running more, but I think if I add water I'll be able to do both.