Thursday, February 25, 2010

Giveaway: guess the fruit


A game and a giveaway, because I'm happily stuffed and feel like spreading the joy.

Name the fruit - its name or what you think it should be called - in a comment to this post to enter. Submissions that include information whether real or imagined about it get double entries into the draw. You need to name only one to qualify but are allowed as many entries as you like.

There will be one grand prize winner from a random draw and other prizes to top entries. All prizes will be edible Colombian goodies but due to customs regulations there will not be fruit - besides, I ate it all.

All entries must be made by Sunday Feb 28th 2010 at 5pm EST to be considered. Winners will be announced by Tuesday.

Rules may be changed without further notice.

Name away!





The remains of the fruit.


  1. I'm just going to make stuff up.

    A. Applegrape. Great for making wine!

    B. Nougatberry. It tastes like candy with nuts in it!

    C. Colombian pricklypear. Like the one from the American southwest, but sweeter, with hints of vanilla.

    D. Mandrita. A cross between a pomegranate and a durian. Only smells a little bit funky.

    E. Revolution fig. Like a large mission fig, but more tangy.

  2. Great entry, Brian!

    Looks like you might win both the randomized drawing for the grand prize AND one for top entry. More yummy goodness for you.

  3. A. Rainbow Olives
    B. Eggplant Turnips
    C. Poppy Thornberries
    D. Slimy Sesame Oranges
    E. Mini Melon Raisins

  4. Thank you for you entry, Anna! Will be announcing winners on Tuesday.