Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Woodstalking, again

The Wodstalkers ran Ragnar New York again. Last year we ended up winning the prestigious Nom de Plume award with "I'm Woodstalking your Girlfriend." This year we dug deep and decided to question ourselves and others. We went with "Is That a Woodstalk in your Pocket?"

Ragnar tried to veto our name because of morality concerns. We went with the Dr. Seuss defense. Plus, with such a cute logo who could really object? (Thanks again, John!)

Pre-race drama included an injury flare up on one of our runners who didn't know if he'd be able to run at all, another runner dropping out the day before and last minute relay leg and van redistribution. After sorting all that out we managed to gather up - a full team of twelve - and set out to the real start of our race: team dinner.

The team in Williamsburg, ready to head upstate.

Pasta dinner and a few hours of sleep later, Van 1 showed up at the start line ready to go. Everybody quieted down for the safety briefing: to please follow all rules and don't get run over. Once that was done we got back to the music, the freebies, the costumes, the decorated vans, and the port-a-potties.

Van 1: Big Pappa and his ladies.

Something else that was fun about the start line, I discovered the whereabouts of Seal Team 6. They weren't going by that name and I'm not sure I got to see them of course, but I'm pretty sure it was them.

Race recap coming soon, both here and on the NYDaily News blog Running Dialogue. Yes! How cool is that? I was the NYDaily News Ragnar correspondent this weekend.


  1. Sounds like fun! Can't wait to hear your full write up. Then I'll have my own :)

  2. Have a blast at Reach the Beach, Samantha!