Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Woodstalkers in the news

For those of you who might have missed my post-a-link fest yesterday, my race recap is on the NYDaily News blog Running Dialogue.

On Thursday morning in between frenzied packing and last minute shopping for van supplies, I was trash talking with @linnaf on twitter. I was letting her hear all about how her team @doubleknots was going to get Woodstalked. Lauren from @NYDNrunning piped in and asked if either one of us wanted to write something for her blog.

I let her suffer for about a minute and a half before I jumped in and volunteered to send her pictures and write something.

What I didn't realize at the time is that I'd be trying to do this from a moving van. I haven't reached that skill level with my phone swiping. Plus, my phone was also the van's official safety phone and it had to stay in the van and be accesible to everyone in the van in case the organizers needed to contact us. (If any of you got any weird messages this weekend, it wasn't me. Must have been the woodstalk.) My phone was also being used for GPS navigation. Between picture taking, tweeting, assisting with GSP and being available for emergencies, my poor phone ended up even more exhausted than the runners and needed frequent charging.

I managed to send a couple of brief dispatches, but the bulk of the reporting ended up taking place as a recap, back in Brooklyn on Sunday night before the work week swallowed me.

Read the recap here!

But don't worry, I'll write some more about it later. I haven't told you yet about our interactions with the police.

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