Saturday, March 20, 2010

Three runs and sunny

Three runs in 24hrs was challenging even without the help of a nor'easter. I ran 11M split into three runs, which was not much more than last weekend, but I thought I'd give myself a break.

Every woman is different, so I can't speak for all. But I can speak for myself and for friends who have shared their experiences. Strenuous physical activity during your period is wonderful. It makes everything harder and more painful (who doesn't love cramps!) and you get to feel more of a badass than you already are for managing to forge through.

"Survived rain, wind and hills and maybe a broken vagina, but it was a good 65 miles," was how a good friend of mine who bikes put it after a ride to Montauk.

Life would just be too easy otherwise. And since we can't organize our sporting events around it, then we might as well train anyway. So I only added about half a mile this week, but I'll start upping the mileage next week.

And now, a brief commercial interruption for an ad that made my day.