Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hello, winter!

A balmy Thanksgiving weekend gave way to a gray and rainy Monday which brought us to this: Winter! It's definitely in the air. A dry cold blast in the face when you step out door and it's here just in time.

For years I fought it. Though snow is pretty, long dark cold days can get to me. I started dreading it as soon as summer left, and by mid-winter I was a miserable shivering mess. Enter Pavlov. Instead of fighting winter I decided to make winter a season of good things, so now when it's cold I get excited.

A few years ago I joined the New York City Social Sports Club and now I have something to look forward to every Tuesday of the winter season.

And it starts tonight, with the opening game of the broomball season.

Broomball. Think hockey, but without skates. On ice. Hence the need for a helmet with a cage.

My team, Too Fat for Porn will be facing Secret Agents tonight. We all know who the favorite is: doesn't everyone root for Porn? Go Pornies!

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