Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy birthday, Paula Radcliffe!

It's Paula Radcliffe's birthday today, I just found out. She's exactly two years older than me, which means I have a couple of years to become as fast as she is. I'll have a bit of cake while I think about that.

The celebrations started early. One of my clients surprised me with a mini-birthday party. Since I work freelance and I’m not there everyday, I was not expecting any kind of fuss.

My boss and coworkers - Anna and Kevin - had brownies topped with candles for me, and they even sang happy birthday. The blowing out of the candles – all four of them – took about three tries. Not because they were those trick candles that re-light themselves but because in the past week this cold I have has managed to take away almost all my lung capacity.

There were candles, there were brownies, there was champagne, and there was a gift: a Flip video camera (I don’t know yet what I’ll be doing with a video camera, but stay tuned and you’re bound to find out).

But more than that there was warmth. I’m lucky to be surrounded by such lovely people. Not just at work, but here too. Thank you.

And you, Paula Radcliffe, have a lovely birthday too. To read my previous posts featuring Paula Radcliffe, go here and here.


  1. exactly how many brownies did you end up having for your birthday, young lady? i am counting at least three...batches, that is!

  2. I saw my first flip IRL today, it looked great. So compact & easy to use, I bet you'll have lots to film - ah, could have started with karaoke!

    Mmmmm brownies... You're the best.

  3. Well, I did give some away to my downstairs neighbors (see Pae's comment) but I was not as generous with it as I could have been.

    I also took some with me to enjoy with my mid-afternoon coffee. I still have enough for breakfast tomorrow.