Monday, November 16, 2009


Though legions of zombies were ready to welcome my thumb into their ranks, I am glad to report that after fighting for its soul my thumb is back in the land of living and healing nicely.

It doesn’t hurt but the skin over the cut is pillowy like the skin left over a drained blister. I’m not sure what happens next since I’ve never had the patience to let one heal properly.

Right now the thumb just looks surprised or, as a friend who was begging me to remove it from her sight pointed out, like it was attacked by a 1-hole punch.

Thanks you all for your sympathies and wishes of speedy recovery.


  1. I get quoted twice in one week!! YES. And seriously that thing is scary. I am afraid to use the hole punch now.

  2. D, you give good sound bites. But don't worry, since it wasn't a hole punch injury you should be safe.