Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Covid-19, Day 3 of NYC School Closures

Has it really only been three days? Life last week feels so far away. Nonetheless, we are lucky, and we're trying to find fun where we can.

This morning while their dad was on conference calls we went to the Botanical Garden nearby. It's a nice open garden, where we were able to practice social distancing and enjoy spring. Before entering I reminded them not only to keep their distance from others, if we saw anyone, but also not to pick up random items, even if they should be recycled. We observed different buds, discussed what they might turn into, and plan on going back in a few days to see how they're changing.

At some point we just laid down and stared at the sky. I found myself taking a few deep breaths and thinking maybe it would all work out well.

Then my oldest found a lost pacifier and decided it would be hilarious to put it in her mouth and pretend to be a baby before I could stop her.

I'm proud to report I managed not to scream at her and I also didn't let my fears dissolve me into a puddle of tears.

What I did do was hug her and talk to her. I talked to them both. I tried to impart the seriousness of the situation. Not only can we not touch anyone outside our family and have to keep a safe distance, but we also can't put things in our mouth that others might have touched. Because otherwise we might get sick, or we might get our friends sick.

Because of the virus, she said in a tired voice.

Yes. Because of the virus, I replied.

She was upset. She said we couldn't do anything fun. That we couldn't see friends and we couldn't go to play spaces. I replied that that was true. I told them I was upset too. And that I also couldn't do the things I wanted to do, and that I missed my friends too. I told them that we needed to find fun where we could. We needed to keep our distance, that we need to wash our hands, that we need to stay home, or close to it.

And that if we do all this, then hopefully the virus will go away and we'll be able to do all those things again.

That's my hope.

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