Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A call to arms

As mentioned earlier, I bailed on running the NYRR's half-marathon last weekend. Friends who ran it did well, and I'm glad for them (congrats Kate & Jim!).

Application for guaranteed entry for the ING New York City marathon opened yesterday and I'm ready to launch phase 1 of my marathon training program in which I will continue doing what I've been doing (running!) and combine it with more of what I need to be doing (running!) in order to develop the necessary strength, stamina, and fitness to keep running.

So what's new?

The Armory.

News and rumors about a new indoor track had been floating around Park Slope for months. When Fucked in Park Slope announced in its gleefully profane way the Armory was opening soon, I knew I had to get myself there and check it out.

Boy, oh, boy! It is lovely. I had to force myself not to drool on the track, and as if that weren't enough, they have most things that any gym has (who needs a shower anyway?).

I've already signed the dotted line and I'm so excited about it I had to make this video for you. (Make sure the volume is on.)

You can find my two seconds of blog fame here and here.


  1. Lovely! But why is no one RUNNING on the Armory track? :-)

  2. You should do a Bar Toto video.

  3. I think the fireworks on the score board are a snazzy touch.

  4. Reiko: Thanks! The Armory is not open yet, but we'll be running there soon!

    Evan: Brunch! Yes! Thanks for the idea - I feel a song coming on.

    Lizz: Thanks. I had to wait around forever for those to come back on the scoreboard while trying to be inconspicuous so I wouldn't get kicked out, but it was worth it.